How can I build a query to update records in sql server 2008 with the current date/time

I have a table with Task_ID, User_ID, StartTime, and EndTime

My app is writeen in VB6 and I use adodb to connect to the sql server.

I need an update query (that will be turned into a stored procedure)  that accepts a User_ID and then updates 'NOW' to the EndTime for every record for that User_ID that has 'null' in the EndTime.

I could also pass the current time to the query if needed.

But how would I go about writing the query and the stored procedure to accomplish this?
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Aneesh RetnakaranConnect With a Mentor Database AdministratorCommented:
create procedure updateEndTime
@User_id int,
@Now datetime = null
  UPDATE urTable
  SET EndTime  = ISNULL(@now, GETDATE() )
  WHERE User_ID = @User_id and EndTime IS NULL

lthamesAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  This did exactly what I wanted.
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