Encore CS3 dual layer burning problem

I am having the same problem as the person who made the post on this page only I use a PC.  I am also trying to burn a dual-layer disc in Adobe Encore CS3 on a PC.  I have a DVD +R DL disc and my PC definitely burns DL discs. My project is over 4 GB so I have to use DL. When I try to burn my disc it starts to build and then gives an error that says I need to specify a layer break. I have tried selecting both Automatic and manual, but I get the error every time! How do I specify the break? It also gives the same error when I try to burn an image file.
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Here's what you're gonna do:
  1. Choose File > Build, and choose the option corresponding to the type of DVD output to build.
  2. In the Disc Info section of the DVD Settings, make sure the discs Size is set to 8.54 GB Dual Layer.
  3. If the Layer Break setting is enabled, specify the type of layer break:
Manual - Opens the Set Layer Transition dialog box. Set the layer break at either a chapter point or a specific frame (per the timecode.) Encore lists the choices for each option. Creating a layer break at a chapter point can result in a brief pause as the DVD player moves from one layer to the next.

Automatic - Lets Encore determine the layer transition. To use an existing break, check If Possible, Use Existing Layer Break. If no valid break exists, the program uses the last chapter point in the allowable range. If no chapter point exists, Encore uses the midpoint of the range (per the timecode) as the default location.

Best wishes, Yan
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