Forcing traffic destine for another company site through a VPN

Situation: Two sites each connected to the internet through a Cisco 3600 router (12.3) and each site has with multiple systems running public IPs. A single VPN IPSec connection connects the two routers through the internet.

Need to set up the part of the routing that (ACL?):
1) takes traffic destine for the other site and invisibly reroutes it through the VPN.
2) lets all other traffic goes its merry way into the internet  
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Frank McCourryConnect With a Mentor V.P. Holland Computers, Inc.Commented:
the command is:

ip route (destination network)(destination mask)(IP of interface)

So traffic bound for the network that needs to go through a VPN interface of would look like this:

ip route

or you can use the name of the VPN interface like this:

iproute VPN_Dialer1

Here is the Cisco command reference page that may help :
static-voidConnect With a Mentor Commented:
basically i think what you need to do is just modify the route table on the vpnrouter to send traffic destined for the other sites public ip through the vpn interface not the public internet. does this sound like what you want?

Im not sure on the command syntax on a cisco but normally this consists of a statement of the form

route add Internet_IP interface_name
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