RS232 12 volt output needed to fire cash drawer

I have a cash drawer which will open when a 12V DC current hits the solenoid. The drawer was originally from an older cash register, I now have PC sales software, and no longer need the  cash register but I would like to still use the cash drawer.
I am looking for the commands that could send a 12 volt signal to the drawer from one of the pins of a RS232 comm port DB9 cable and then back through another pin (I guess - like replicating the effect I can get through a 12V transformer when the wires are touched against the existing wires of the cash drawer.
I suppose in its simpliest terms, the serial port needs to power the cash drawer for a split second, just to fire the solenoid of the drawer ( as the 12V transformed wires can). Is this possible. I would prefer an easy way to trigger the comm port, click on client side jscript (but I can work on this later)
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louislietaerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think this may help you
kempvetAuthor Commented:
it is the correct solution, but unfortunately I don't have the time to look further, but you did send me in the correct direction
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