Can I export a Group Policy Object from one forest and reimport it into another?

I read on Microsoft's site that I could backup a GPO from one forest and import it into a completely seperate one. Basically I'm working at a place that doesn't have there default domain policy and I wanted to import one from a default install of the same version of server 2003 running AD. I wanted to know if there would be any problems or any "gotcha's". I have Group policy managment installed and I could just 'Backup' a policy from one domain and then 'import' the GPO. Thanks in advance!
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martin_babarikConnect With a Mentor Commented:

basically you can achieve this by doing the following steps:
1. In the originating forest backup the GPO you need and transfer it anyhow to the target forest server (use Group Policy Management console to perform the backup of GPO).

2. On the target forest DC using Group Policy Management console create a new empty group policy object.
3. Right click on this GPO and choose Import - now browse for your backed up GPO and it will import the settings to your target GPO.
Is this what you need?

Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When copying from one forest into another like that you may need migration tables (depending on what settings you have defined in the GPO)
More on migration tables here:
danbnotmeAuthor Commented:
I printed those web pages as pdf's.

Migration-tables--Group Policy.pdf is Microsofts site.

Group-Policy-migration-tables.pdf is Microsofts Blog site.

Thanks, I'll give this a try and let you know.
danbnotmeAuthor Commented:
I put those up in case they ever get deleted from Microsoft, wouldn't be the first time I found a solution to find the link is DEAD. So I printed the page.
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