Windows XP Install cant access hard disc

Dell Dimension 9100 - system tag 4v9hs1j.
Trying to reinstall WIndows XP.
SIngle SATA disc Western DIgital 2500 WD Caviar SE.
No SCSI devices installed at all.
Allows me to select the C: partition, which I deleted, but the next screen says "Your computers startup program cannot gain access to the disc containing the partition".
Help please.
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Vince WingateCommented:
I had this problem with a new Dell T3400 with the SATA AHCI drivers.  

After many failed attempts, I found the SATA drivers and compiled them into the XP CD using NLite etc -I used R173415 drivers from the on Dell website...

One other way I have found is to press F2 at bootup, go into the bios and find the SATA options.  Try changing those and then re-try installing... but you are then stuck to those settings and cannot change it back to SATA without finding all the right drivers.  At least you will know if it's the SATA drivers or something else.

Vince WingateCommented:
Update - sorry, just read what I wrote... you can't switch back to SATA (as that's the option title)... I cannot remember the exact options in the drop-down, but I think it will be set to AHCI by default which I don't think works with the drivers on the XP CDs.
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