Installing Windows xp on acer aspire one without cd-rom

I am trying to install windows XP on an Acer Aspire one but i dont have a cd-rom or a floppy drive!! Any solutions please ?
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I have heard from a colleague that the steps here worked for him:

Personally I replaced the ISO on my U3 USB flash drive with the Windows XP ISO.  Because the U3 drives are detected as two seperate devices in the BIOS (the partition containing the ISO is detected as a USB-CDROM; the rest as a USB-HDD) it is possible to install XP from these with ease.
from my notes :
Sometimes it isn't possible to install Windows XP from the CD. But with the assistance of Windows 98 you can load Windows XP quite easily.

Follow these steps:
-connect the drive to a desktop PC, as only disk
-boot from a bootable win98SE floppy
-format the drive as fat32 (to be able to be recognised by win98)
-issue the command sys C:
-copy the xp cd to a folder (or just the i386 folder)
-copy the himem.sys and smartdrv.exe files to the root (you find them on any win98 system
-create an autoexec.bat file containing :     smartdrv.exe
-create a config sys file containing :           device=himem.sys    
now put the drive back in the lappy, boot it up, and navigate to the i386 folder, start the xp setup by typing :

download smartdrv.exe here :,289483,sid68_gci955465,00.html

PullicinoAuthor Commented:
I researched and found out that i can boot from the USB. how can i make a USB bootable ?
Check this video tutorial for Installing Windows XP on a Netbook Via USB (Acer Aspire One)
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