Format hard drive error message "Cannot lock the drive. The volume is still in use"

I own a Dell Optiplex 745
discovered error message "run-time error '5' invalid procedure call or argument" when trying t run an important software item. After much fiddling about including placing and extracting it at source dir. it was advised that I should format the hard drive.
Whist trying to format the drive it would not allow me to do it in Windows so I tried in Dos and received following error meassage  "Cannot lock the drive.  The volume is still in use"

My questions are

1  Are there any other solutions to rectify the software conflict issue apart from contacting the software developer (The program is a Japanese one and have set language setting correctly)
It did work on my other computer on a Windows XP Pro 32 bit platform. I cannot determine what this Windows version is other than it reads   Windows version 5.1 (build 2600.xpsp (service pack)?

2  If solution to software conflict cannot be found how can I solve the format problem as mentioned in the above introduction.?

trying to complete an urgent project and most frustrated

Look forward to your kind help

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Steve BinkCommented:
>>> it was advised that I should format the hard drive.

By whom?  FYI, formatting the hard drive is not what I consider an acceptable solution for a generic software problem.  It will very likely do nothing more than erase everything on the drive and leave you with the same problem.

As far as dealing with the software error, your best bet is to work through it with the developer.  Perhaps it is a bug in an outdated version of the software, or you could be missing supporting files, or any number of other issues.  There's no way to tell what is generating the error without much more information on how to reproduce it, and even then it would be guessing until we actually examined the source code.
raceproretiredAuthor Commented:
Thanks for some reassurance
I agree formatting was the option and I did not do it
The developer is not contactable and it is a Japanese program which doesn't help matters
I am trying my best to get it work even contacting a former programmer
in Japan. The program did work on a 32bit Windows environment on both a desktop and a notebook so I expected it to work my Dell 745 with 32bit OS but it doesn't.
>>>> Cannot lock the drive.  The volume is still in use"
That is cause your operation system necessarily needs to opened some files ...

You could boot from (XP) installation cd and then there is a choice to format the hard disk. After that you would need to reinstall windows.

>>>> I own a Dell Optiplex 745
Don't you have a support contract? I had a smilar problem some years ago and they sent me a new hard disc within 24 hours....

>>>> error '5' invalid procedure call or argument" when trying t run an important software item
error 5 is 'access denied' what probably is some access right issue. What software item is it? Did you check the event logs calling eventvwr from Start - Run ....

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