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I am facing the problem in career!I graduated with engineering in telecom from reputed college in mumbai and always wanted to work in the telecom domain.But due to recession I gotta work in the PHP i.e. open source web development.I need to switch my profile asap, otherwise I wuld I have to stick to the php only!!
but joining as a fresher wont be possible now for the telecom project in c,c++; so I wanna work side by side on some god telecom project either sponsered by some IT company or on my own.
So that I can show some real time telecom domain IT work experience in my resume and also I will gain some useful, domain knowledge!
Please giud me accordingly to achieve best in the career.
Thanks & Regards
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C/C++ is not required for telecom, actually, I've yet to use it in any telecom project. Infrastructure and messaging is most often a mix of web technologies and database, and I've most often used Java or Perl.

I would advise buying a book on Telecom technology, and more specifically on Wireless Messaging (GSM, CDMA) and even more specifically learn about SMS and MMS and how to integerate SMS into an application. WHen I review resumes for a telecom project, any SMS or GSM experience always jumps out at me.

To take it one step further, you might look further into SMPP, WAP, etc.

If you want to get into a telecom project, you probably should try to get recruited or hired into a large services company, like IBM, Oracle, or some in India that I forgot names of. Large telecom companies most often come to companies like that for their projects. You don't need to have telecom experience to get hired by IBM, for example, you just need to get hired for _any_ sort of project, make yourself useful, whether it is writing a PHP website for a Zoo, and eventually try to build your skillset such that if a telecom project becomes available, you will have something to offer.

Also, the projects I have worked on had very few actual telecom experts. Most of the projects were web or infrastructure related, so we had general purpose programmers, DBAs, sys-admins, then then a couple of domain experts.

Good luck.
Jack020800Author Commented:
Thanks for the response here.Even I dream of working for such companies only, but large services company, like IBM, Oracle etc dont just entertain anybody  a fresher like me.
>>but large services company, like IBM, Oracle etc dont just entertain anybody  a fresher like me.

Sure they do, they hire just like every other company, and everyone there is not a highly paid, senior engineer. There are all levels. I helped hire interns from the university, while at IBM. Those companies need people, just like small companies.

The key is to become the best engineer you can be, anywhere you are, and try to take the opportunities that come to you, and make the best of them while patiently moving towards a career path or a company that will  help you get the projects you want. Try to find work with a contracting agency that services many companies, and/or watch the job boards for opportunities, and don't be discouraged, be patient.

Learn by doing, and make sure to learn everyday, not just by reading a book, but by applying that book.

Like the quote where the new hire asks the guru, "Is there anything I can do to help?" and the guru asks, "I don't know, is there anything that you can do to help?"
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Jack020800Author Commented:
Maybe you are right!But such opportunities dont come everyday nd when they come there are other 1000 people waiting for this opportunity.So tough competition!
I am not demotivated, because trying for every possible way to come out of this deep shit i.e. the career path or level where I am currently working.Because I know I deserve better than this anytime! But I am just getting frustrated now.I did the sincere hardwork during my academics.I was on the top everywhere!
Hope somebody realizes my potential soon......
Jack020800Author Commented:
Can anybody give more practical and valuable suggestions for this..?

Consider re-location?

Patience is important. Unfortunately, we cannot necessarily direct our career where we would like to go, overnight. Over time, watch for the opportunities that best fit a transition, and apply for those jobs. If your area is not good, apply for a PHP job in another area, or another country.

If you are 3 steps removed from a telecom job, you may have to take the transition in phases to get there.

Meanwhile, it is important to keep a good mental attitude with the job you are in, for your own health.
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