I have 2 cisco routers:

- cisco 800 series
- cisco 837

They both have rj45 connections on them saying ADSL, but they are smaller than the normal network cable rj45.

Currently ive got internet and a phone line from the same company.  does this mean I could by one of those DUAL connectors that plug into the phone socket and connect my router to it?

Im not sure of the scenario if I can I can actually do it.

- Im thinking the dual connector plugs into the wall phone socket
- the phone plugs into this dual connector
- my router cable plugs also into the dual connector and the other end into the router.
- my router also has console port to configure router as normal
- my router also has 4 ethernet ports for other pc's for example.

Will this work?
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
This router is used to connect to an ADSL service. If you have ADSL service from your provider, you can use one of these routers.

mikey250Author Commented:
does the above mean it would need to dial into the network although I have broadband and no dial up.

My modem is connected directly to my ISP
i have a DLink 604 router which is connected to my modem to provide extra ports for other pc's
mikey250Author Commented:
Yes I think I do.  I will find out.
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