Dredger.exe process high cpu on sbs 2003

I run SBS 2003 STD with the last sp. I encouter a high cpu utilization (50%) with the process Dredger.exe. How can i fix this ??
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big_daddy0690Connect With a Mentor Commented:
That process has to do with the performance monitor. There have been several cases where corrupt registry entries have caused the high cpu usage. Please follow the steps in the following link to resolve the issue.



Could let me know what the roles installed on SBS ? for example: sharepoint, SQL , etc.

Could you also find what all third party applications running on your server.

Try to disable the services for all third party application from services console. STOP the Service and DISBALE them. Check if the utilisation is high ?


Open task manager --> applications --> right clisk on each application --> go to process ---> if none of the applications are using that proess "dredger.exe" than you can end process tree for dredger.exe.

Before that i would like you to run EXBPA and find for errors.

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