Asterisk: Run PBX as a VM ?

I would like to reduce the server number in my network and I was wondering if its possible to run an Asterisk/Trixbox server as a VM. My current server has a Digium analog card installed. Is it possible using perferrably VM workstation or even ESX server to have a VM work with that hardware device in its host?
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Frosty555Connect With a Mentor Commented:
My system uses a voip line so I don't have that problem.

As of 2006, vmware was not capable of abstracting things like PCI cards to virtual machines. It required more standardization on the part of PCI cards and the vmkernel needed a rewrite, so as of those days, vmware doesn't support FXO/FXS cards.

However, that was three years ago. Things could have changed since then, I'm honestly not sure.
Yep, I've done this myself using VMWare Server. I expect it would work with esx server

TrixBox downloads as a "live cd" that you can install. So you just create the virtual machine in vmware with adequate hardware, capture the ISO, boot from it, and install. Configure the network so that it uses bridged networking, and maybe assign the server a static IP address. Then make sure your ports are forwarded properly. You should know what they are from your previous server but I can get it for you if necessary.
There is also an AsteriskNow vmware appliance in the virtual appliance marketplace, you can use that directly if you like, however it is considered a "beta" and not for production use, although I haven't experienced any problems with it.
jonnydollarAuthor Commented:
what about my digium card? how do i get the VM machine to see the digium card that is in the host machine?
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