Fitting new scsi hard drives and setting ID jumpers

In a server ML350 G3 it has two existing hard drives port1 drive id 0 and 1
In theory in raid 1 mirror.
These are 15k 68 pin  u320 HP (compaq) BF03698578  non hot swop 32Gb
I want to add 2 more drives 10k HP (compaq) 365695-005  10k 68pin u320   140GB
The two new drives not raided just raid 0 or I think called ad hock
The controller is a smart array 641 One long ribbon connector with around 4 plugs on and a terminator.
There is also a tape on ID 3 I think.
I guess I cant just plug them in like hot swops I have to set the SCSI ID ????
On the existing drives there are two sets of jumper pins one at the front with nothing linked and one at the back next to the power plug each having one link on.
one has the two pins next to the power plug linked vertically
the next has two pins linked horizontally next to the power plug.
Question how do I set the new drives up ?
.-.    . .
. .    .|  .
. .    .  .
. .    .  .
the two drives above.

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The Horizontal jumper isn't doing anything, it's just there as a spare.

The disks are at SCSI ID 0 and 1 at the moment by the sound of it, there should be a label on the disks and drives with the ID numbers for the pins/jumpers, it's in binary of if ID 0 and 1 are jumpered it wound be 0011 = 3. The one with the (dummy) horizontal jumper is at 0, the other is most likely at 1.

There's no convention, you have to look at the label. If it's not there or worn you will have to look up the jumpering on the manufacturer's web site or post the part number and someone here will look it up for you.

Normally a tape drive is at ID 6, tape drives should not be on RAID controllers but I guess you're getting away with it, or is it on a seperate cable?
On HP servers you usually don't have to set any jumpers on the HD's. The backplane will normally assign the ID, so all you have to do is insert the new drives into their bays.
harveygsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for moving question accidently left it as previous question topic.
rindl : I dont think it has a back plane, the wire comes from a PCIiX card a 641 controller with around 4 plugs on it and a terminator.
I heard the controller normally comes as ID 7 but I think it reports itself as a four.
The tape drive is plugged into the scsi out of the motherboard. I assume this counts as a different channel ?
andyalder : the horizontal plug makes sense then if its a spare , I gues connecting two ids together is ok, probably only does something if you earth the pin.
The label refers to the connector at the front of the drive , and nothing is jumpered there only the one next to the power plug.
If the attached pdf works figure 6 and left hand set of pins I'm going to try .
Can I assume a0 to a3 left column is jumpered to the right hand side make 1-2 3-4 5-6 and 7-8 even though the right hand pins have fault and busy marked on them?
So when I'm back in after the bank holiday (Tuesday) I, m going to try 3-4 which gives id 2  and the other 7-8 giving id 8 (avoiding possible controller id of 4 or 7 and tape that is 3).
Can I assume it doesnt matter if say id 5 and 6 doesnt exist i.e. drives not in concurrent order ?

Connecting two IDs together is not OK, but the spare is just connecting two earths together.

Generally you don't touch the jumpers at the front of the drive.

Can't really tell which jumpers should be set without the part number of the drives, preferably the Seagate or whoever really makes it numnber unless the Compaq/HP label is on top of it.
harveygsAuthor Commented:
drive works fine with id set as 4 .
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