Manually remove Exchange 2007 site

I need to manually remove a poorly configured Exchange 2007 server.  I have a single domain running 1 Windows 2003 Server as a DC, DNS, WINS, & DHCP.

The company I'm doing consulting work for had hired another company to perform a Domino to Exchange 2007 migration.  As a result of poor configuration and lack of exchange knowledge the Exchange Server is not working; can't open/use Exchange Manager or Exchange Shell.  Can't perform a normal uninstall from Add/Remove programs or booting off the Exchange 2007 disk.

No mail was stored on the exchange server yet because the previous company couldn't get it working and ended up causing more damage than good.

I would like to start from scratch with a clean install and Exchange site.  Is it safe to use ADSIEDIT to remove the exchange site?  I can see the site under Services in Configuration in ADSIEDIT.  I can also see the Microsoft Exchange Security Groups and Microsoft Exchange System Objects under Domain in ADSIEDIT.  

I'm on site now and need help with this asap.  I'll be refreshing every few minutes for responses.
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yes i would.

from the top of my head (so check first by running " /?")

> /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions
> /PrepareAD
> /PrepareAllDomains

its just precautionary, but will show up any other "unexpected" errors that the cowboys left behind

good luck. im heading off soon, but will check back in the morning

try for tutorials and helpful information

Hi to remove the server open ADSI EDIT and navigate to:

Configuration ==> Services ==> Exchange ==> <organisation name> ==> Exchange (FZ....) ==> Servers

you can then delete the server name from this location.

no more needs to be performed than that. i would however advise completely flattening the server

running a prepareAD and preparedomains once everything is removed would also be preferable to make sure that the correct settings are applied

any probs post back. will be checking for the next hour or so

captaindefiantAuthor Commented:
This is exchange 2007.  Did you mean???
Configuration ==> Services ==> Exchange ==> <organisation name> ==> Administrative Groups ==> Servers ==> <exchange server name that I want to remove>
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

yeah :)

sorry i haven't got an install in front of me.

if you delete the servername from that location (and all subfolders) it will remove it completely from your AD environment.

then all you need to sort out is the server :)
captaindefiantAuthor Commented:
Cool.  I've already formatted and rebuilt the exchange server with a new computer name.  I'm in the process of preping the server for the exchange 2007 install, all the prerequisites.  

You said I should run adprep and domainprep again during the install of exchange on the rebuilt server, correct?

BTW, thanks for your help.  I'll keep you posted on how things are going.

captaindefiantAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for your help.  It worked with the exception of the Default OAB.  I had to rebuild that but it was no big deal.  
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