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Backing up Sage line 50

I have users remoting into our terminal servers using Sage line 50 accounts plus. I am planning to do an offsite backup via FTP, but I want to know what files/folders I need to backup..can anyone help me out?
2 Solutions
Nick DennyCommented:
For just the data files - then the ACCDATA folder under your company (default C:\Program Files\Sage\Accounts\ACCDATA ) holds all the company data.
For Layouts, Reports etc you will need to look to these folders too.

If you have a multi company, then the data files can be found in the ACCDATA folder under that company (COMPANY.001 etc).


Everything in the ACCDATA folder and subdirectories thereof.  If this is a multi-company version then the COMPANY file says whereabouts to look for the ACCDATA directories.
must learn to type faster...
Dan560Author Commented:
Thanks for your advice!
Bruce DenneySage 50 Consultant and IntegratorCommented:
WARNING:  With Sage 50 simply backing up the files is not enough.

The data can get corrupted, within the application there is a "Data Check" routing, the user is prompted to run this when they do a backup.  This checks the integrity of the databases.  Unless you have a clean set of data the backup could be virtually useless.  The problem is that whilst one or two errors might be fixable, you can get to the situation where you have several errors which are in part of the data that is not that noticeable, part of the audit trail from 6 months ago and by the time the error is detected the backup have been overwritten or a lot of data has been entered.

If you still want to attempt to just backup the files and not worry about the integrity of the data, then I would also warn you about users left logged in and the locking of files so they can't be updated.

FTP is rather bandwidth intensive, there is a utility called rsync which has been ported to Windows from *nix and is excellent, it only sends the changes within files so uses a fraction of the bandwidth.

I  get the users to create a backup file and store it in a folder that is covered by the main backup covering the entire organisation.  

Worth noting that Sage are rumoured to be switching to MySQL for the database at the next release, so it will be all change for backups not using the built in backup routine.

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