How do I connect to a database using Visual Web Developer Express 2008

I recently installed Visual Web Developer Express 2008 and SQL Server 2008 Express Edition. I created a database on the server, a website on VWD and when attempting to make a database connection from VWD I get the message The file is in use by another program. Any help would be appreciiated.
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Go to the Server Explorer window first. Then select Connect to Database. Follow the prompt and you will have a connection.  Once you have the connection and start creating your website, please don't forge to include the web.config file.  as well as all the files in the folder where you created the website.  
Te most important thing is go to your configuration and make sure that all settings are correct and that you are pointing to the instance in where your SQL server is.  I know that this might be a little bit too much but you need to watch this video to learn how to make a connection to it.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>> I get the message The file is in use by another program. <<
Perhaps you are attempting to attach the database.  This usually occurs when you have inadvertently left AttachDbFilename="Some database file path goes here"  in your connection string.
jbottsAuthor Commented:
This was helpful. Thanks
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