vs tfs across the web over multiple domains

this may be an uninformed question, but is it possible to set up visual studio team foundation server to accept clients with team explorer from different locations over the world.

e.g. bob is in new york and i am in england, and we want to both work on code from a tfs server that i have set up say in estonia ?

and to make it more difficult, i dont want to give any additional access rights to bob, other than what his tfs user allows within tfs
e.g. i dont want to give him vpn access that would allow access to other services available from my domain...
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Mohamed OsamaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
if there is no  Domain level relations (Child domain , Trust relation ,etc..) , and of course exposing your TFS to the internet is not an option, then I really think you should consider the VPN scenario.
you can work with your Network / security responsible person to limit Bob's privilege to only the range of Ports used by TFS , in addition to any other access he may need.
hope this helps.
Mohamed OsamaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
so from an NT perspective , Bob has absolutely nothing to do wwith your Domain ? , i.e. his domain membership is not a child or there is no Trust relations setup between both domains ?
if there is some sort of trust, you should be able to add the user using his NT credentials in TFS security tab , in the form of Domain\user.

KristjanLaaneAuthor Commented:
thanks for teh reply !

what about if Bob is using a public ISP from NY and all he has is VS with team explorer on his PC, waiting eagerly to connect to tfs?

can you envisage a way to achieve that and how would that be?

KristjanLaaneAuthor Commented:
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