Please help understand this huffman coding tutorial (scanned lecture notes attached)

Page one is the algorithm and page 2 is an example.

Off the example, I understand that the the Freq column is organised in descending order then the bottom probabilities are added then the number 8 is brought up to join the 0. But the third column confuses me... how come the 7 is brought down? also the same for the 4th part where the 2 is brought down? Then the 4 and 3 are brought down in the next part?

Also why on the 4th last 6 and 3 is put straight to the top? Why is this?

I cant see the reasons for this mentioned in the algorithm.
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ozoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
similarly, 2 is brought down because 2130 is greater than 1620
and 6 , 3, and 4 are brought down because 3750 is greater than 2890 or 3340 or 3520
7 is brought down because when 0 8 and 1 are combined the total frequency is 1300, which is greater than the frequency of 7
63 goes to the top because their combined frequency, 3340+2890=6250 is greater than any other entry
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