My new mother board cannot boot up.

The model is MSI IM-GM45.

The cpu is Q900, which is confirmed from MSI by email.

But when short the switch of power supply, only the cpu fan is running, totally no video output. I changed 2 LCD monitor, 2 video cable(DVI, VGA), totally no display.  Tried 2G memory, 4G memory.

Sometime, when bootup, after a few seconds, the cpu fan will stop and start, and the board seems auto-reset and start again.

Any suggestion. Thanks.
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Sounds like a production fault maybe? I would send this board back to the shop you baught it from for possible testing and refund if I were you.
Sounds to me like the memory is the problem.
Try with only one memory dimm or with other memory.
Are there any beeps by the way ?
NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
It could pretty much be related to any hardware really. I suspect for the PSU o MBO. If you have a chance, try to test it with another PSU, if not, ask for a new MBO.

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turbot_yuAuthor Commented:
No beeps any more.

May I know what is PSU or MBO, thanks.
NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
PSU = Power Supply Unit
MBO = Motherboard

It would be good if you take a picture of your motherboard and how you connect devices on it, post here.
turbot_yuAuthor Commented:
Please see the attached screenshot, thanks.
Few things to check:
1. CPU fan power connected incorrect.
2. Memory must install onboard
You might try remove the battery out for few minutes to reset bios.
Try and post back.

Tell us what kind of memory you have please, and try to search in the specifications of the memory what voltage is it running on. Normally it would be something like 1.8v.

I ask this, because memory of some brands runs only on 2.1v or more.
If you have to little voltage, auto resets like you experience can occur.
If this is the case, you should adjust the memory voltage in the Bios.

turbot_yuAuthor Commented:

1. The power socket for the fan is only 3 pin, so only can fit into the socket of system fan which just near by the cpu fun.

2. I have installed the memory, but still not work.

I just back from the local tech support of MSI, they exchange another cpu and memory, still not work. They decided to send it back to Taiwan now.

Have to wait and see.
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