How do I modify customized menu items on the standard toolbar

I'm using Outlook 2003... a long time ago I added a custom menu button to the standard memu bar simply called "Mail".  When you select that it dropps down a sub menu of recieptants that I can just click on and then a new mail message opens pre addressed to that person.

The issue is that I can't remember how I created it as I need to edit some of the email address on that list.  If I right click on any menu bar and select customized, I thought I then could edit my "mail" menu but it is not the case....

Any suggeestions?  Attached is a screen shot.

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stiffsockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Customize > Commands Tab > Rearrange Commands button > Toolbar Radio > Set the Drop down to standard > Highlight your Mail menu > modify selection button.
thandelAuthor Commented:
I should have mentioned, I tried that and for whatever reason my "Mail" menu is not showing up there.
Close Word.  Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\rbankston\Application Data\Microsoft\Office and rename your Word11.pip file to a backup.  Reopen Word and then see if the "Mail" menu now appears.

If not, you may want to rename your file for Word to a backup and just rebuild the menu from scratch.
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Oh sorry.  Not Word11.pip....  MSOut11.pip in that same folder.

Disregard the file comment.  Confused two separate problems I am working on.  :-\
thandelAuthor Commented:
Renamed but still present in the menu afte reopening Outlook.  I am trying to edit this menu and not completely remove it.
thandelAuthor Commented:
Thanks I found it, you were cloose......  It was under

Customize > Commands Tab > Rearrange Commands button > Toolbar Radio > Set the Drop down to MAIL > modify selection button.

Thanks though, you pointed me in the right direction.
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