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I am currently migrating from a workgroup p2p to sbs server 2003
The installed p2p file server has winxp profesional with a a share that is mapped to everyones drive
I joined all of the computers to the Domain static ip for software licensing.
server has something like the following
gigabit lan
pri dns
forwarded to my isp domians
The old share is accessible from the server
I get the error when trying to access the share from any of the client computer.
any ideas?
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If its a new SBS install then in server management just run the setup wizard for internet, that will setup DNS and all required.

Asteral has said DNS is required it is the only way that you can list all the client machines,  if done via IP it will work but name is only machines listed in the DNS

Restart the "Server" server and make sure it is set to Automatic.
Stop the Windows firewall on the "server" using services.msc or net stop sharedaccess

Map the network drive using IP's since you don't have a local DNS server.
I think I misread something.

If you are having trouble accessing the network share from the "Domain" server, assuming you created an active directory and it is a PDC, you must install DNS on the server and have that DNS IP as the primary on your workstation, otherwise, you have a bad day.
dman1264Author Commented:
The server has dns running  all clients see the sbs server and sbs server sees all clients including old xp pro machine used to serve files.
problem is no one sees any shares on old server which throws the error when any of old shares are accessed
They have software on old pro machine that must remain in operation temporarily
SOrry didnt see the reply, my response would have been.

It would have been accessible but you would have had to make the machine a client of the NEW SBS network.

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