hit test of iregular shapes in actionscript

I have a movie clip called shape_mc and it is an iregular shape. I have another movie clip called ball_mc. when I type:   ball_mc.hitTestObject(shape_mc) it takes the bounding boxes and will come true when the ball_mc touches the box of the shape_mc. Is there a way of testing it the ball hits the fill of the irregular shape rather than any part of the box?
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biyikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately, hitTestObject uses a very basic test, rectangular collision test, to detect a collision between two objects. So it uses bounding boxes.

But there is a class, which detects collisions between two objects based on the actual shapes of them. You can find it from http://code.google.com/p/collisiondetectionkit/
Also a good example from http://www.adventuresinactionscript.com/blog/15-03-2008/actionscript-3-hittestobject-and-pixel-perfect-collision-detection
But remember, hittesting for actual shapes will use more system resources than the hitTestObject function...
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