Printer Problems

I have a HP Color Laser Jet 2605 dn printer and i'm using a Vista x64 operating system.
I'm having problems configuring my printer.

How do i turn on/off the grayscale printing mode??
How do i turn on/off duplexing??
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Pete_ZedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PCL driver should be OK but please try the Postscript driver too. Do normal documents print OK (Word, Excel etc)? Do you need to upgrade to a new version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or reinstall Acrobat Reader?
Are you using a genuine HP driver or the supplied Microsoft driver (if there is one)? Try to download the latest printer driver for Vista x64 from the HP web site.
RalphS007Author Commented:
the driver i'm using is the one from the hp website however hp has 4 drivers on its website, one is plug & play, the other 3 are universal drivers.
The middle universal driver is the one i'm using.  I think it's called PCL5.
I'm not sure if that's the right one though.  It's not connected through USB, it's plugged into a router through an ethernet cable.
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RalphS007Author Commented:
and currently if i try to print a pdf file it'll print a page of nothing but black on the entire page.
RalphS007Author Commented:
This is a picture of what a printed pdf file looks like at the moment.
RalphS007Author Commented:
as soon as i installed the post script driver it fixed it.
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