Raid0 on SSDs

Hi Experts

My knowledge is limited in computers, so please be patient with my lengthy explanation below, I hope everything is clear.

I have bought new Computer parts and have built them together over the weekend. One of the parts are two 80GB SSD X-25 from Intel.
I have set them up in a Raid0 , followed the exact instructions from the Mainboard Manual (Size of the RAID only 110GB due to the 80% Bug on the Intel SSDs, Stripsize 128kb, i think).
Thereafter I have installed Windows Vista 64bit (using only one DIMM Slot on the Mainboard, one 2GB bar), worked fine, also the Raid Drivers from the USB Stick worked. Then I did all the updates in Windows, as soon as they were all done, i put in the other RAM, in total 12GB in six bars.
When I restarted the computer it somehow asked something about the Mainboard configuration, i can't remember what it was exactly, but i thought I chose the safe way. After that, the computer restarted and said that the Operating system was missing. I did not understand the reason and tryed to restart it a couple of times.
Then I took all the RAM out again but one and tried again, still nothing. so I went into BIOS where I saw that the storage configuration was on SATA and not on RAID anymore, so I changed it back to RAID and there Vista started again.
After having put back all the RAM I went into Vista and there into the Data Storage thingy, where it showed me that of the 110GB already 49GB were used and only 61GB free space left. Now how can that be when I have only 18GB of Data on C: (when I mark all and check the properties).
How can already 44% of the Systemdrive be occupied after only installing Vista, its updates, anti-virus programm, mainboard, soundcard and graficscard driver?

Do I have to redo the RAID and install everything again? If so, how do I correctly format the SSDs so that I don't have a problem with the 80% Bug?
If that is normal, what is taking up so much space already on my system drive?

Below is the configuration of my computer, if you would need to know (i don't know)

Would anybody suggest to already install Windows 7 on the computer?

Thank you very much in advance for a quick help!! (BTW I am at the office at the moment, can only check things in a couple of hours)




Samsung HD103UJ, F1, 7200rpm, 32MB, 1TB, SATA-II

Teac 3.5 Zoll Floppy inkl. 7in1 Card Reader, schwarz

Gainward GTX-285 Dual-Fan 1GB DDR3 2 pieces

NZXT SENTRY LX - Multipanel

Be Quiet Dark Power BQT P7-PRO-850W, Pro Edition

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit, DE, DSP, SP1

38003 Samsung SH-S223F SATA Black - Bulk
SH-S223F/BEBE - DVD±RW/DL/RAM (22x/8x/16x/12x) - SATA - Bulk (Black)

38082 Logitech Z-5
980-000169 - Speakers - 2 x 1 W - Wireless remote

0000310809 DDR3 1866MHz 6GB (Kit of 3) 2 pieces  

Prozessor - 1 x Intel Core i7 940

ASUS Rampage II Extreme

Zalman GT-1000, black

Kühler Zalman CNPS 9900
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vikasjusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do one more test that is enable all hidden files and folders and again check disk used space by selecting all files and folders. More disk usage can be because of memory size that you have on your comp. if 12GB ram is there then page file size will be 12gb+1.5 times of base memory.
Ronnie_BischofAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply. I will check as soon as I am back from the office!


Ronnie_BischofAuthor Commented:
I changed the option to show all hidden files. But it still is only 19.1 GB that is shown on the C:
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_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You probably also have a bunch of TEMP files, and several Restore Points from the updates.
Run the Disk Cleanup tool, and flush all Restore Points but the last one, See if that helps.

You can also run WinDirStat to see what is using all the space:
Keep memory to 2GB and check disk space. Is it on same size or increased.
Ronnie_BischofAuthor Commented:
I did the disk cleanup, deleted the energy saving something (don't know in English) and gained 11GB, than I also changed the virtual memory allocation and distributed it to my different HDDs. So I only have a maximum of 8GB on my Raid0 on the SSDs. What I am looking for now is the way to delete the restore points, don't seem to find the exact way.

Cheers for your help, this looks already a lot better than before ;-)

_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
>>  ...delete the restore points...

I don't have a Vista handy, but in W7, it's:
START > COMPUTER > System Properties > System Protection > Configure button
vikasjusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are two places that you can use the system restore feature from. From within Windows, you can just type restore into the Start menu search box, and you'll immediately see System Restore at the top of the start menu Or you can type rstrui into the search box and hit enter.
I suggest keep this featur off as it is recommened for virus protection also. You can backup your system registry manully.
Ronnie_BischofAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your help!! Much appreciated! Problem solved!

Cheers Ronnie
Thank you much.   : )
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