Error while connecting to SSRS


I am getting following error while connecting to SSRS using application written in VS 2008.

The permissions granted to user 'domain\user' are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied)

Same error I am getting while connecting using browser (IE). But when I run IE in admin role then I can access it.
One more thing my user which I am using to connect is 'admin user'. So it has full access.

Can anyone help me? Its urgent.
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SNilssonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It needs to have correct permissions on ssrs/sql server also, try adding the domain user like this:

1.If necessary, log on as a local administrator.

2.Open a browser window and type the Report Manager URL to start the application.

3.Click Site Settings at the top of the page.

4.Click the Security tab at the side of the page. This page shows all system-level role assignments that are currently defined. On a new report server installation, only the two predefined roles, System Administrator and System User, are visible. There is one built-in role assignment that is created automatically; it maps the built-in local administrators group to the System Administrator role

5.Click New Role Assignment.

6.In Group or user name, specify a domain group account that includes all of the users who require permissions to view report server content and subscribe to reports. Specify the account in this format: domain\group. The account should be in the same domain or in a trusted domain. If you do not have a domain group that fits this description, you can specify individual domain user accounts instead.

7.Select System User.

8.Click OK.

Click New Role Assignment again.

In Group or user name, type the name of a domain user account for a user who has administrative responsibilities for this report server. Specify the account in this format: domain\user. The account should be in the same domain as the report server or in a trusted domain.

Click OK.
You need to add the user in report manager and set what permissions he should have:

From Msdn:
Permission to access report server content and operations are granted through role assignments. On a new installation, only local administrators have access to a report server. To grant access to other users, a local administrator must create a role assignment that specifies a domain user or group account, one or more roles that define the tasks the user can perform, and a scope (usually the Home folder or root node of the report server folder hierarchy). You can use Report Manager to create the role assignments.

winjittechnologiesAuthor Commented:
But this user have all permission on that machine. It is domain admin user..
What could be problem?
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winjittechnologiesAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot ..
That issue is not there but now we are facing some other isssue

Logon failed. (rsLogonFailed)
For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors

but credentials are ok.
Did you add the domain user like the picture below shows?
winjittechnologiesAuthor Commented:
Now that issue is also resolved.

but getting other issue. please find attached image
That seems to be a IIS problem with the web site INSIMPADMIN, check the iis if the web app is ok.

Good that the access problem is solved then.
winjittechnologiesAuthor Commented:
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