Problem with DHCP not handing out IP on Sonicwall Wireless WLAN connections

Problem with DHCP not handing out IP on Sonicwall Wireless WLAN connections

I have a Sonicwal TZ170w and it was working just fine.  Now all of a sudden, when I try to connect from "LAPTOP A" I can't.  (Laptop B" works just fine.  SO I tried a few things.  (1) I disabled Wireless, changed hte WEP key, and re-enabled it several times to no avail.  (2) I deleted and re-added the SSID to the perfered networks on Laptop A  a dizen times to no avail.   (3) I took the opportunity to switch from WEP to WPA/PSK TKIP.   Laptop B continues to work just fine.  When I change laptop A to use a static IP with the SSID, it works fine.  But I can NOT get a DHCP IP address on laptop A !!!  <argh>

Any help would be appreciated.

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Please check if you are running out of user licenses; if yes, this is the reason.

Thank you.

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okacsAuthor Commented:
10 licenses, 2 in use.
Are you using any MAC filters?  
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okacsAuthor Commented:
You DHCP Client service might be disabled
Go to Start-Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Services
Scroll down to DHCP client service, right click on it, choose properties, set to Automatic in the drop down menu and apply.
Restart the computer and see if it can automatically connect now.
okacsAuthor Commented:

I believe that you misunderstand the scenario...  The DHCP server is in the Sonicwall itself, not on a server.  

Sorry if I am getting you wrong...
"I believe that you misunderstand the scenario...  The DHCP server is in the Sonicwall itself, not on a server.  "
"But I can NOT get a DHCP IP address on laptop A !!!  "

So you have a Sonicwall that broadcasts IP addresses(acts like DHCP server) to LaptopA and LaptopB the clients?
In this case LaptopA and LaptopB are the DHCP CLIENTS. You said that LaptopB has no problems fetching IP address with any settings. So the problem is LaptopA, right?
What I asked you to do is set the client DHCP SERVICE(NOT SERVER or not on the router, but the laptopA itself) to automatic.  This service is part of windows, if thats what is running on LaptopA and if it is turned off, you would not be able to connect, unless you set manual IP address.
What I mean is that the problem might not be the Sonicwall, but LaptopA since LaptopB is receiving the IP address just fine?

okacsAuthor Commented:

My mistake, doing too many things at once... You did say DHCP client, not DHCP server!  My apologies.  Yes I will certainly look at that.  Services on this machine have been known to be disabled oddly.... I should have thought of that!  Thanks!
No problem. Hope it helps
okacsAuthor Commented:
Nope.  That didnt help.  <sigh>
Still works when set to static though.

It used to work, then just stopped.  Not sure why.
I dont think I installed any apps or updates during this timeframe...

I wonder if it will connect to another WAP? and just doesnt like my Sonicwall.  Will  have to try that... if I can get another WAP to try!  :)
Can you try and reset Sonicwall to factory defaults and reconfigure it to see if that solves the problem.

Thank you.
okacsAuthor Commented:
The problem appears to be with the laptop and not the sonicwall.  Since then I've had intermittent  trouble getting DHCP on it on other WAPs.  Sometimes the DHCP client service is off, other times it is on but still not getting an IP.

Also, I purchased a 3rd laptop and it conencts DHPC to the sonicwall just fine also.

In either case, it is not the sonicwall.  So this ticket can be closed.  I will award points to all who assisted.  Thanks.
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