Icons and VB.net

Don't know if it is even possible.

I have an application written in VB.Net. I want to change its executable icon at runtime, from that same application. It doesn't matter if the application needs a restart.
If someone could help me change some other exe's icon through VB.net, it would help me a lot.

Thanks in advance.
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kertkertConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I don't need this anymore. I'll wait a few days and then delete the question if i don't get a reasonable answer.
You'd probably have to resort to the Win32 imports to do this, however there are some issues that you'll encounter:
Retrieving an icon from an executable is (relatively) easy, saving it back to the executable isn't something I'm familiar with.
You'll need to manipulate the main executable from a 2nd executable as the main executable will be locked while it's running.

To get yourself started you'll have to use something like ExtractIcon from shell32.dll
kertkertAuthor Commented:
I just found out that somebody has asked a question pretty much like mine.
kertkertAuthor Commented:
I still haven't managed to make some progress with this, so i'll do some rephrasing:
I need to change an icon (resource) of another executable within vb.net. Possible?
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