Active directory lockout

I have a user whose account, is locking out automatically after one logon. It seems to be tied into exchange, as her outlook prompts her for a pw immediately after log on. She enters the pw and it locks her out, she is entering the pw we set but it locks her out anyway. We are positive she has not logged onto another computer. Any help is welcome thanks.
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JunglegunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
She has an old password saved.
 Got to:Control panel > user accounts>advanced > manage passwords and remove stored passwords.
Also, please check the DC event log to check/confimr which workstation is locking up that user account. Then you can verifu is user has a  saved password or scheduled task or service running with her old account or any other app which is locking user's account.
Is she using her username and pass to log on as a service anywhere?
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Conflicker Virus also try to access the active directory. Please login to domain controller and see the event log and check that from which ip failed login attempts are being made so that you can identify it.
Malik Asif
You should investigate exactly what is locking out the accounts:

Implementing and Troubleshooting Account Lockout 

Account Lockout and Management Tools

If you have some budget, you might want to consider purchasing Account Lockout Examiner to do the hard work for you:

Something to else be aware of... some symtoms of malware infection (including Conficker) include random / constant account lockouts across the domain. Ensure your PCs are running current / up to date antivirus / antimalware software.
yakselrudAuthor Commented:
removing the pw from users account worked.
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