Sophos PureMessage not processing any messages on exchange 2003

I have just moved from Symantec AV and Antispam to Sophos PureMessage, which manages AV and Antispam scanning of messages via our exchange server.

Our exchange server connects direct to our ISP via ADSL, with an allocated IP address. All emails come straight to our server, and leave from our server. So no upstream or downstream servers that relay messages.

Is there a way or anything to check how/why messages would slip past PureMessage completely and not process any SMTP messages at all?

Have tried completely removing Symantec and Sophos (including via regedit of all their entries of 'Symantec' and 'Sophos') and reinstalled Sophos. Still to no avail.

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Well you can see in the logs of Sophos if it scanned something or not, if i remember right on some site in the admin panel there is also a counter how many messages were scanned.

To test your installation just send the eicar test virus. You can just copy the attached code in a file you save as or similar and attach it to a mail. Sophos should track the detection and if configured right even send you an alarm via mail.

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shanghuiAuthor Commented:
Thanks kyodal,
Indeed, the control panel displays the messages processed - in my case, it shows zero. Have tried complete uninstall and install again, still the same problem.

Is there somewhere that i can check that exchange emails are being routing through PureMessage?
Did you configure your exchange server properly in pure message? If you have bought pure-message for exchange you must embed it into exchange, you can not use it stand alone and just route the mails through, if you want that you need a puremessage appliance. Have you integrated it step by step as in the manual? The manual is really made quite well (although not perfect) and really describes it much better than i could. From here i can only think you have installed but not integrated it.
shanghuiAuthor Commented:
I have indeed followed step by step, even with detailed manual method of installation with instructions provided by their support guys - still no luck. Have uninstalled/installed several times, ran scripts provided by their support to check, sent them screen shots of my settings etc.. still scanning 0 messages in Pure Message - which would have received easily thousands of emails for the past 6 months.

Sorry, im going to reinstall the server and start from scratch again when i get a chance. Im relying on IMF for now.

Thanks for your suggestions.
shanghuiAuthor Commented:
I have outsourced this site's Antispam to MessageLabs.
Much easier to manage, and more effective.
Thanks for your input Kyodal.
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