decimal being rounded in v2008

Odd little thing I just noticed....
my datasource is SQL v2000, 'price' is the attribute in question, it is DECIMAL 9(18,8)
my destination is SQL v2008, 'price' is the same, it is DECIMAL 9(18,8)

I'm using v2008 SSIS to copy the data from source to destiniation (until we upgrade and get off the v2000 box).  it's a flat file source, created from a simple bcp out of the v2000 box, into sql server destination.  that's it.  no conversions, no nothing.

but get this... my price is being rounded

source:         96.78000000
destination:  96.00000000

i've checked the current flat file.   the price values are in there just fine, non-rounded.
and yes, I am certain that I am looking at the same record in source vs destination.  there's a TON of data in this thing.  i transferred upwards of 5M this morning, i just noted that price thing, so i've dug a little deeper and find that NONE of the prices equate.  not just today's 5M, but everything I've checked.  they've all been rounded down in the v2008 instance.  like this:

source:          72.33000000
destination:   72.00000000

any ideas at all?
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Mark WillsConnect With a Mentor Topic AdvisorCommented:
Should carry the decimals...

Double check the data types and scale... Or read flat file as a string and cast as decimal. Also look at using numeric datatype...
You need to put a conversion task in your ssis package to convert it to 4 decimal spots.
dbaSQLAuthor Commented:
But why, chap?  the attribute is the same in the source and destination.  why would a conversion be necessary?
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because SSIS does some funky stuff sometimes....
dbaSQLAuthor Commented:
>>Double check the data types and scale...
You are correct, Mr. Wills.  Having checked the datatype, i was numeric.  i'm unsure how that occurred, but i changed it within the source output definition.  had to reload everyting, but all is well.

thank you both for looking
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Happy to help....

BTW, how is that machine performing now ?
dbaSQLAuthor Commented:
Performing exceptionally well.  (knock on some wood)
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Good to hear :)
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