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How do I fix: Error: Font 'Arial Bold' with encoding 'winansi': Font file (AFM, PFM, TTF, OTF etc.) or host font not found

I keep getting this error when I load my program into linux (Ubuntu 8):
Error: Font 'Arial Bold' with encoding 'winansi': Font file (AFM, PFM, TTF, OTF etc.) or host font not found

I need to know:
1. What the path is that pdflib is looking in for these files.
2. Where I can get these files.
3. Anything else that resolves this issue.

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2 Solutions
You'll need to specify the full path to the font file(s). The font file also needs to be in a folder accessible to PHP (open_basedir setting comes to mind.) So you may need to copy the font file to a sub-folder of your PHP application/site, verify access permissions and so on...

You should be able to download some of those fonts from the Internet, or install some font-related packages.
rae_raeAuthor Commented:
I pretty much knew all that already. I need to know:
What the path is (how to establish this) and where I can get the files (from what site). I can then install them, of course.
Check: /etc/fonts/fonts.conf
/home/<username>/.fonts (where <username> is your user name).

In Synaptic search for "font" or "ttf" or "true type", etc...
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rae_raeAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I'll look into this when I get back into work.
rae_raeAuthor Commented:
When viming /etc/fonts/fonts.conf I get this:

Uder the Font directory list directive section.
Why does linux have so many font directories!? lol wth?

The fonts are all found under /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts/

My error: "'Arial Bold' with encoding 'winansi': Font file (AFM, PFM, TTF, OTF etc.) or host font not found" doesn't get fixed if I change my directive
from $bold_font = $pdf->load_font('Arial Bold', 'winansi', '');
to $bold_font = $pdf->load_font('Arial_Bold', 'winansi', '');

Neither does it correct if I change it
from $bold_font = $pdf->load_font('Arial Bold', 'winansi', '');
to $bold_font = $pdf->load_font('Arial', 'winansi', '');

This still is happening...and I still do not know why.
rae_raeAuthor Commented:
I figured it out. The fonts needed to be copied to the SearchPath directive location in the pdf set_parameter function.
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