How to remove X/Y coordinates from mailto form

This is a follow up question regarding :

 I want to remove the X and Y from being added to the body of my mailto form. It has to do with using an image for the submit button. It looks as if it's passing the coordinates along for the mouse click : /
<div id="case_form">
        <form id="create_case" METHOD="POST" name="create_case" action=" Case Portal">
                <div id="log_new_case_title">Log a new case</div>
                <div class="case_title">subject</div>
                <input type="text" value=""  maxlength="10000" size="30" name="case_subject" class="input_support" 
                <div class="case_title">details</div>
                <textarea cols="60" rows="10" name="case_description" class="input_support" id="case_description"></textarea>
                <tr><td><input id="support_submit_button" type="image" src="/html/images/lit.png" height=20 width=65 

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Roger BaklundConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is how <input type="image"> works. If you don't want it, don't use <input type="image">. :)

You can use CSS to set a background image on a "normal" submit button:

<input type="submit" style="background-image:url(/html/images/lit.png);height:20px;width:65px;" />
galaxy573Author Commented:
Ok, fine. I'll implement what you suggested.  

Follow up question: Why would one need to know the coordinates of a click event for a submit image?
Roger BaklundCommented:
You would probably also want value="" for that button.
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Roger BaklundCommented:
>> Why would one need to know the coordinates of a click event for a submit image?

Good question! :) I don't know, I have never seen it being used for anything. To actually use the coordinates requires the use of a mouse or other pointing device, so it is not very user friendly.

It has been a part of the spec since the beginning of the web, I guess the inventors thought it was a nifty feature, but it is, as mentioned, rarely used.

When using input type image, we normally just check if either coordinate exists (name.x or name.y), and ignore the coordinate value.
galaxy573Author Commented:
Right, I used value="" but I'm getting that beveled border. The one that looks pressed when you click it... any idea how to remove that so it appears much like using an image?
David S.Commented:
You didn't have to post a new question, but thanks for the points in the other one.

I prefer an alternate approach.

> Follow up question: Why would one need to know the coordinates of a click event for a submit image?

Long ago, it was used for server-side image maps. These days, the only good image map is a CSS image map.
<button id="support_submit_button" type="submit" class="button"><img src="/html/images/lit.png" height="20" width="65" alt="Submit" /></button>

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David S.Commented:
Either way, give the button "border:0 none" via an existing stylesheet rule or a new one.
galaxy573Author Commented:
Thanks for the help.  Seems as if I still get a beveled border even when you set border:0 none.  I'll have to look into that. thanks
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