500 Points Worth Question !!!!

Need hardcore Cisco/Networking Guru!!!!!!!
I have a need to perform network performance assessment activity of a network to troubleshoot network latency issues that's effecting one of the applications performance.

II wanna know, what questions need to be asked to get maximum information about the apps and the network and then overall how to go about finding what is is causing latency this task ?

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that1guy15Connect With a Mentor Commented:
"From a network standpoint when dealing with speed and latency issue you always want to start by finding any bottlenecks in your network."

>Are any network connections being overloaded?
> Are any network connections running slower than they should (running 100Mbps instead of 1Gbps)

"You will also want to make sure non of your switches or routers are being overloaded (CPU, memory etc...)."

> Are any routers or switches running with high CPU or memory utilization that could cause them to slow down or become a bottleneck?
> Are any routers or switches dropping packets/frames or logging errors

"After that I would map out your network and make sure the paths taken between your workstations and your Siebal server are optimal."

> When data travels from Host to server dose it take the shortest path or does it pass through un-necessary network equipment?
> Can we shorten the path data takes?
> Are the links fast enough for the traffic? Do we need 1Gbps links instead of 100Mbps?

I hope these can help you get started. Im sure others will provide good feedback as well. When looking at your network for latency and speed issues it usually involves a lot of monitoring and data collection to determine how and why data is moving the way it is. Depending on the size of your network this can be quite extensive. The tools mentioned above will defiantly give you a good starting point on this.
What is the application?
vbongaralaAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the prompt response. Siebel is the application.
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I am not familiar with the program, however, quoted from web...

"Delivering the Siebel 7 Web Client and providing application optimization with Citrix NetScaler® can reduce latency by up to 60 percent and cut bandwidth consumption in half. Use of the Citrix NetScaler application delivery solution can also reduce the requirement for Web servers though caching, TCP connection management, and SSL acceleration".

I have run into similiar issues with Sage Timberline. I upgraded all user machines to 4gb mem as opposed to thin clients. Probably  the biggest bang for the buck would be to use 15k rpm hard drives. We are running Raid5 on dbf server and have not resorted to that  yet!
vbongaralaAuthor Commented:

Thanks again for the quick response.
I was looking at how to approach the latency issues from network point of view and the action plan for it. Apps side ..i'm also not familiar with it much.

Hence, could you help me draft the troubleshooting steps ?

Not being familiar with Oracle or Siebel and myself fumbling thru the same issue (complaints of waiting for program to react) with different program/database...

Network latency... totally out of my realm of experience. I was trying to add a Cisco catalyst 2950 to a network today and relived all the nightmares of dealing with cisco-talk and not enough familiarity with network technology. In the past wihen dealing with routers, switches etc, I would usually end up buying a cisco support package for that item rather than try to grog the complexity of such things.

My assessment so far with my project is that Network Latency is not the issue with me. It is the architecture of the software and database and trying to get the most bang for the buck with what I have to work  with.

I would offer my expertise if I had any in that area but wish you luck
Can you draw up a quick diagram of how you access the application and where it is located on your network in terms of your clients/server?  
Pls indicate your bandwidth between sites if its remote and what equipment connects what.  

Off the bat you could have issues with bandwidth, interface errors, equipment cpu/ram etc  A diagram would assist greatly - more detail the better!
From a network standpoint when dealing with speed and latency issue you always want to start by finding any bottlenecks in your network. You will also want to make sure non of your switches or routers are being overloaded (CPU, memory etc...). After that I would map out your network and make sure the paths taken between your workstations and your Siebal server are optimal.

Now how to collect this information????

SolarWinds Engineering toolkit does a good job of mapping out your network and providing tools that can give you an idea of loads on your switches and routers. There are also a lot of other NMS devices that will monitor a device via SNMP. One good one is MRTG. Also you can configure Netflow on your Cisco gear to get a better understanding of the traffic passing through your gear.

Check your network layout. Make sure traffic is using the shortest path possible when traversing the network.

Good Luck
vbongaralaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your quick reposne. I dont ve the details myself yet..but ill send you all details you asked for..the very next moment i ve it.

In the mean time, as you must ve read my earlier post, can you guide me in what questions i need to ask to get all the information needed to get going with this activity.

Would appreciate if you cud pen dwn brief questions in steps ?
vbongaralaAuthor Commented:

Thanks again for your quick and patient response. The stepwise details mentioned by you indeed is a good point to start the discussions to all the required data eventually. I really appreciate the effort.

I got following details from the apps point: Its a standalone installation, currently running on a win2K3 environment, Oracle 9i database, Siebel 7.8 ver. with CTI integrated.

Will post you more and more information as and when i get it so that i'm guided by your esteemed experience and skills. Can you confirm, what time it is best to expect quick response and that you would assist through this till this is done ?


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