Internet stopped working

Hi.. i am having DIRECT internet connection on my Symantec Endpoint Server. Internet stopped working suddendly and not live update is not getting updates from internet and all clietns and servers are not updated. i checked ping gateway, any website and ping is coming. Also checked NSLOOKUP and also working. What could be the reason? It is really urgent for me.
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Vishnu KiranConnect With a Mentor Principal Support EngineerCommented:

Hi Komal,

Please let us know what version of Symantec Endpoint Server and path level as there is a networking related bug, and has been fixed by Symantec. You should upgrade to SEP 11 MR4 MP1 a

Look at the below Link:

Komal_UpadhyayAuthor Commented:
it was ISA service issue and allowed internal network from ISA. Now working ok.
Komal_UpadhyayAuthor Commented:
there was mistake in ISA rule.
Komal_UpadhyayAuthor Commented:
It was ISA rule problem and we modified rule and started working.
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