Dreamweaver CS3 Find and Replace - Search for files NOT containing specific code


I have a HUGE site with thousands of files.  Here is my problem.

I need to search my entire site and return what files DO NOT have a specific line of code.  I need to find what pages do not have the code "<cfinclude template="inc/footer.cfm">".  Once these pages are found I need to insert the footer code.

Has anyone seen a plugin/extension or any way of doing this?  Obviously I could search for the pages that DO have the code but this will make me many moons to do and complete my task.  Any help or outside of the box idea's are welcome!
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justchil304Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
There is a program called UltraEdit that will do this.
justchil304Author Commented:
By the way... Another program could be used for this... but keep in mind I have about 10-15 levels of folders so I will need a way to search/open all of them at once.
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