jQuery Simple Photo Manager

I am using the "Simple Photo Manager" sample of jQuery, the example is here:


I need to know how to access the "ALT" attribute of the image that is clicked when the trash can icon is clicked.

Thanks in advance for all the help.
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alien109Connect With a Mentor Commented:
if you look at the deleteImage function, the argument passed to the function is the list item that is clicked. You'll need to find the image that is a child of the list element, and then get it's alt attribute.

Place the following line at the top of the deleteImage function.
var altText = $("img", $item).attr("alt");

This behavior will apply however also when you drag an item to the trash. If you need it to only happen when the icon is clicked:

Look for the lines in the js

if ($target.is('a.ui-icon-trash')) {
} else if ($target.is('a.ui-icon-zoomin')) {

and add the code before the deleteImage call.
aeg1sAuthor Commented:
Awesome! thanks alot.
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