What is quorum device in ZFS?

What is quorum device in ZFS? Kindly let me know where we use it?
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joules17Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Quorum concept is generally used clustered servers having access to the shared storage ennvironment, because the cluster is sharing storage devices, a split in the cluster ( could be due to network interconnect failure0 causes both the partitions to access the storage device and causes data corruption, to prevent this

A partition with the majority of node votes gains quorum and is allowed to operate. This majority vote mechanism prevents split brain when more than two nodes are configured in a cluster. However, counting node votes alone is not sufficient when two nodes are configured in a cluster. In a two-node cluster, a majority is two. If such a two-node cluster becomes partitioned, an external vote is needed for either partition to gain quorum. This external vote is provided by a quorum device.
RowleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
An nice analogy someone once told me about how they could best describe quorum in lay terms:

The minimum number of people required in a room to be able to describe it a 'meeting'.
beer9Author Commented:
Thanks :-)
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