upnp enabling on linksys

i have xp and am trying to set up a static ip for security cameras in my store on a second computer(alsp xp).  i need to enable upnp on my router at home.  it is a linksys befw11s4 and i have a static ip thru dyn.   how do i put this together.  i need to enable upnp on the router.  the camera system is a 2.0 usb system. any pointer would be greatly appreciated.
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KevinCovertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have not changed this setting UPNP will be enabled by default, check to see if it is enabled already.

Also, if you plan on accessing the camera from home, you might want to try to manually forward the ports if the UPNP is not working.  Disabling UPNP is more secure anyhow.

Here are your steps if it is not enabled.

I've been reading some other posts, UPNP may not be enabled by default after all.  That would be encouraging to me, it should only be enabled if the user environment requires it.

Hope you get this taken care of.

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