drawing with javscript int a web form

Posted on 2009-05-05
Last Modified: 2015-01-05
I am building a drawing chat system in C# and using javascript to do the drawing on the client side.  I have a div tag called "divCanvas" in my web form on which I am going to do all of my drawing. THe DIV is:

<DIV onmouseup="toggleLoading(true);setEnd(event.offsetX, event.offsetY);drawPic();setData();" onmousedown="setStart(event.offsetX, event.offsetY);" id="divCanvas"
style="border: 1px solid black; DISPLAY: inline; Z-INDEX: 104; LEFT: 96px; WIDTH: 456px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 24px; HEIGHT: 404px"  align="center"></DIV>

I have a seperate panel where I set the tools (such as draw rectangle, circle) and colors.  The setStart() function in the div sets the starting x and y values and the setEnd() sets the final x and y values.  My drawing functions use these values to draw the shapes.  But, how can I create a function to draw free form (like a brush or a pencil tool?)  I am guessing I need some kind o array to keep track of all the points the mouse goes over...but I am not sure.

I am attaching in the code section everything required to get the line tool working so that you can see how I have this set up.


<TABLE id="tblTools" style="BORDER-RIGHT: black thin; BORDER-TOP: black thin; BORDER-LEFT: black thin; WIDTH: 80px; BORDER-BOTTOM: black thin; HEIGHT: 32px" cellSpacing="1" cellPadding="1" width="80" border="1" title="Select some Tool">


<TD onclick="setTool(CONST_ACTION_TOOL_LINE);">&nbsp;<IMG style="CURSOR: hand" alt="" src="images/line.jpg"></TD>



 I have another table like that where you can pick colors.


//Function to set the current tool

function setTool(InputTool){


	CurrentTool = InputTool;


} //End of setTool

//Function to set the starting points for the tool

function setStart(inpX, inpY) {

	StartX = inpX;

	StartY= inpY;


} //End of setStart

//Functions to set the end point for the tool

function setEnd(inpX, inpY) {

	EndX = inpX;

	EndY= inpY;


} //End of setEnd

//Function to actually draw the tool

function drawPic() {


	var jg = new jsGraphics("divCanvas");    




	//Check the input tool and take action accordingly

	switch (CurrentTool) {


			jg.drawLine(StartX, StartY, EndX, EndY);


                                //other cases here

                                } //End of switch



	//Call the ajax function to load the data on session


} //End of drawPic


When drawline is called:

this.drawLine = mkLinDott;

function mkLinDott(x1, y1, x2, y2)


	if (x1 > x2)


		var _x2 = x2;

		var _y2 = y2;

		x2 = x1;

		y2 = y1;

		x1 = _x2;

		y1 = _y2;


	var dx = x2-x1, dy = Math.abs(y2-y1),

	x = x1, y = y1,

	yIncr = (y1 > y2)? -1 : 1,

	drw = true;

	if (dx >= dy)


		var pr = dy<<1,

		pru = pr - (dx<<1),

		p = pr-dx;

		while ((dx--) > 0)


			if (drw) this.mkDiv(x, y, 1, 1);

			drw = !drw;

			if (p > 0)


				y += yIncr;

				p += pru;


			else p += pr;



		if (drw) this.mkDiv(x, y, 1, 1);




		var pr = dx<<1,

		pru = pr - (dy<<1),

		p = pr-dy;

		while ((dy--) > 0)


			if (drw) this.mkDiv(x, y, 1, 1);

			drw = !drw;

			y += yIncr;

			if (p > 0)



				p += pru;


			else p += pr;


		if (drw) this.mkDiv(x, y, 1, 1);



function mkDiv(x, y, w, h)


	this.htm += '%%'+this.color+';'+x+';'+y+';'+w+';'+h+';';


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Just read about onmousemove function:

catch movements on every mousemove function then draw it, after retrieving position from Event (attached to onmousemove event).

Connect that function with your div - then with proper coding you can do it. I wont do this for you because this is alot of coding, especially if I did not wrote the rest so...:)

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