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Network Bottleneck?

I have a network problem I have been working on and need all the help I can get. I have a GB storage network setup with 1 1.5TB HP AIO600 Storage Server (W2K3 Stoage, GB NIC connected to PCIe, 1 Dell Poweredge 2850 (W2K3 Enter, Onboard dual GB NIC, muti-homed), and 1 Dell PowerEdge 2650 (W2K3 Std, Onboard dual GB NIC multi-homed). Here is how it is suppose to work, the HP AIO is configured as an iSsci server with both Dell's as targets. The Dell's are both virtual machine hosts running Virtuozzo, the iScsi disks are than mounted to the virtual servers on the hosts. The problem is we are getting an avg of 8MBs on our GB network between the HP and the Dell's. I have tested this with NetCPS. I have tried tweaking the TCP Stack on the HP and the Dell's with no joy. I have changed the GB switch out and ran a cable directly from NIC to NIC with no joy. I will answer and questions anybody may have, your help, and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
first of all manualy set the nics on both servers to 1000mb/s and full duplex

second try to copy a large file (500MB+) with out any other traffic going between the servers...

Try a new cable

Load wire shark on one of the servers and monitor the file transfer, see if there are any errors

Do all the above while the Nics are directly connected.

check you CPU/Memory usage on the server.

Some NIC are jsut not really made for high sustained traspher rates.

I have a dell 2650 server with onboard NIC. that i use as my network monitering server. the Onboard NIC fails to capture traffic at 200mb/s, and will drop packets. The £120 Nic i purchased espicaly for capturing can easly handle 500+mb/s captures.

Rember All 1Gig NICs are eaqual.. jsut some are more eaqual than others ;)
CRESLISAAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the suggestions, I have tried all to no avail. I installed a PCI-X GB NIC card on the 2850 and got no speed improvements. I tweaked the receiving and outgoing packets setting on the card and got a decent speed boost but still not what I'd expect to get on GB network (Avg 20MBS). We ordered a couple of the QLogic iScsi GB NIC's to try and get better speeds. After i install and test, I will report back on any differences these NIC's make.
Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
did the new cards make a difference ?
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