Why do we need JAVA_HOME and CLASSPATH

I just used PATH system variable and had the jdk1.5.0_18\bin  point to it apart from other folders. This way I was able to run my simple Java programs without any problem. I also learnt that Java installs the interpreter file java.exe in %SYSTEM_ROOT%/system32 folder.  I deleted that file java.exe but my simple one liner class continued to compile from anywhere using javac and run using java.

Why then do we need these two variables ,   JAVA_HOME and CLASSPATH?

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Thomas4019Connect With a Mentor Commented:
JAVA_HOME refers to where the JDK is installed.
CLASSPATH refers to all the directories where to search for class files.
objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you don't really, certainly not for simply compiling and running java apps

perfect_tranquilityAuthor Commented:
Fantastic,   be on the look out geeks. My next question is soon to be up here on packages and classes and using classpath and compiling them.

Thanks!  Great answers

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