Viewing users in Exchange 2007

Hi All

We have several hundred mailboxes in our Exchange org.

We have just implemented an Exchange 2007 MBX server (there is already a HT and CAS). When I go to Recipient Configuration > Mailbox, I see a list of -every- maillbox in my Exchange org.

I can filter, so that I only view the mailbox per a server, but this filter never saves. Is there anyway to set it so that I get the same filter each time?

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kdagliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Copy and paste the code in notepad and save the file with extension .ps1
Open exchange management shell and navigate to a folder you save the script.
type  .\nameofthescript.ps1 and hit enter.  (note: there is .\ before the scripname.ps1)

write-host ""
$Getname = Read-Host "Enter the name of Exchange Server"
write-host ""
Get-Mailbox -Server $Getname -Resultsize Unlimited | select Name, Alias, PrimarySMTPAddress 
write-host ""
Write-host "Mailboxes listed above resides on Exchange Server $Getname" -foreground Green
#Get-Mailbox -Server $Getname -Resultsize Unlimited | select Name, Alias, PrimarySMTPAddress, Database | 
Get-Mailbox -Server $Getname -Resultsize Unlimited | convertto-html -Property Name, Alias, PrimarySMTPAddress, Database > C:\Mailboxes.htm

Open in new window

You can save only one filter at a time.
After you set the filter, you may click on "View" and click on "Save current filter as default".

Alternatively, you may write a script in powershell that will prompt you to enter the server name and then it will display mailboxes present on that server.
Let me know if you need a script. I'll write it for you.
kam_ukAuthor Commented:

Thanks...yes, I would be -very- interested in the script, sounds really good!

Sure, I'll write the one and attach here. I will be few lines script.
kam_ukAuthor Commented:
That's excellent, thanks so much!!
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