need to change the default windows shortcut icon on Windows Mobile 6.1 Device for a custom shortcut

hi there - have got a shortcut file to gMail that comes up with the Windows logo.

can anyone please assist to change that icon to something else - i have SnagIt so can save any picture as any file type, just need to know how to change the default icon for a shortcut in Windows Mobile 6.1 !

Thanks heaps in advance . . .
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Mikal613Connect With a Mentor Commented:
it has to be compiled with the icon.

If you have programming skills
Using .net you can make an exe that opens your app with your icon.
try changing the icon on the desktop and then copying it again
troy_gAuthor Commented:
thanks for the suggestion, tried that, but no go unfortunately in SPB Mobile Shell 3.0, still shows the default Windows shortcut icon
troy_gAuthor Commented:
thanks Mikal613 - will see if I can do that . . .
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