is it safe to demote a srver with replication problems

I have two servers at a site I have recently inherited..

SBS server
terminal server that is also a AD server

I wish to demote the terminal server (for various reasons) but at the moment replication is only working in one direction, and I am getting kerberos errors on the SBS server and all workstations cant browse by UNC.

A lot of suggested solutions to my problem suggest reinstalling AD - I assume on the SBS - which I dont want to do as I know SBS can be a bitch.

For the time being I would really like to resolve the problem (security and browsing) and then later demote the Terminal.
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guess we have a host of problems... :)  
For Event 2042.. please look at the various causes.. and resolution
 For DNS related errors.. check this thread.. 
can you post the error you get on the SBS server's event logs ?
wolfcamelAuthor Commented:
Sure - I am just rebooting it at the moment..
I had this issue 
a week or two ago, and I have just noticed that the registry changes I made to fix this were no longer there - so I have redone these (on both servers for good measure) and am rebooting. Otherwise I will post the errors after it boots up.  Thanks
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wolfcamelAuthor Commented:
ok some of the errors..(because hey are still there)
when browsing from terminal
\\sbsserver  logon failure the target account name is incorrect

if i try tomanually replicate
on the terminal, right click on the sbs replicate now..
"cannot replicate since the last replication hs exceeded the tombstone lifetime"
however if i go to the sbs server and replicate from the terminal this says ok

When i tried to browse by UC the SBS server logs a security error Event ID 529, UNknown user name of bad password, Kerberos

I will give you some more info shortly
wolfcamelAuthor Commented:
the terminal server has an error in the directory service log..
Event ID 2042
It has been too long since this machine last replicated with the named source machine. The time between replications with this source has exceeded the tombstone lifetime. Replication has been stopped with this source.
The reason that replication is not allowed to continue is that the two machine's views of deleted objects may now be different. The source machine may still have copies of objects that have been deleted (and garbage collected) on this machine. If they were allowed to replicate, the source machine might return objects which have already been deleted.
Time of last successful replication:
2008-04-03 11:01:52
Invocation ID of source:
Name of source:
Tombstone lifetime (days):

User Action etc..
Might look into some of these steps
wolfcamelAuthor Commented:
netdiag /test:dns

from the terminal fails :  the DNS entries for this DC are not registered correctly
[FATAL] no DNS servers have the DNS records for this DC registered.

from the SBS
test passes
DNS shows an A record for the terminal with the correct IP
wolfcamelAuthor Commented:
REPADMIN /showrep *  (Run from the terminal) (note the SBS is called cool and the terminal is called BOB - I didnt name them!)

DC Options: (none)
Site Options: (none)
DC object GUID: 847245f7-456f-4879-ab9c-cece6affcd6d
DC invocationID: 05f5793c-c871-4dd4-a5ba-66ce4a599247

==== INBOUND NEIGHBORS ======================================

    Default-First-Site-Name\BOB via RPC
        DC object GUID: 72c3a91e-f18c-4f92-b917-6d5554d5bf62
        Last attempt @ 2009-05-06 21:41:11 failed, result 8614 (0x21a6):
            Can't retrieve message string 8614 (0x21a6), error 1815.
        5090 consecutive failure(s).
        Last success @ 2009-04-03 11:01:52.

    Default-First-Site-Name\BOB via RPC
        DC object GUID: 72c3a91e-f18c-4f92-b917-6d5554d5bf62
        Last attempt @ 2009-05-06 21:28:48 was successful.

    Default-First-Site-Name\BOB via RPC
        DC object GUID: 72c3a91e-f18c-4f92-b917-6d5554d5bf62
        Last attempt @ 2009-05-06 21:28:48 was successful.

Source: Default-First-Site-Name\BOB
******* 5088 CONSECUTIVE FAILURES since 2009-04-03 11:01:52
Last error: 8614 (0x21a6):
            Can't retrieve message string 8614 (0x21a6), error 1815.
wolfcamelAuthor Commented:
trying to use repadmin /removelingeringobjects as follows
repadmin /removelingeringobjects cool 847245f7-456f-4879-ab9c-cece6affcd6d DC=internal,DC=local,DC=com /advisory_mode

but get
DsReplicaVerifyObjectsW() failed with status 8440 (0x20f8):
    Can't retrieve message string 8440 (0x20f8), error 1815.

not sure if I have the format correct?
wolfcamelAuthor Commented:
ok - finally decyphered the way to use removelingeringobjects, adjusted the registries and now replication works each way - and I have tested created a test OU on each server and it shows up on the other.

Now to sort the DNS business out as I still cant browse by \\sbs

but i will reboot first incase the relication solves things
wolfcamelAuthor Commented:
awesome.. i didnt even need to reboot - just had to wait a little longer.

I might still reboot because I never trust anything - but outlook and unc browsing is now working from the Terminal. So I am optimistic.!

Thanks for the help anyway.
wolfcamelAuthor Commented:
the netdiag /test:DNS still suggests that the DNS server doesnt have the terminal registered correctly - but as I intend to demote it soon (which I assume I can do safely now they are replicating) I am not too worried.
All the signs seem to be positive .. so far.. leave it running for some time..
lets see how it goes..
wolfcamelAuthor Commented:
the link re event 2042 is one of many you can fnd on Google that will lead you in the right direction to solving this problem, although the solution accepted isnt specifically the solution it is certainly the most help I got with this one. Thank you
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