OCI.dll Problem with Oracle 10g x64 Client on Vista x64

Im having problem with running PL/SQL Developer v 7.15 using Oracle 10g Client 10204_vista_w2k8_x64_production_client

SQL Plus is working from the command prompt and also TNSPing
eventhough I install the application on a directory without parenthesis symbol "(x86)".

any clue please ?
PL/SQL Developer
  Windows Vista (64-bit) 6.0 Build 6001 (Service Pack 1)

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fox9106Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have a similar problem runing TOAD on Vista 64. Do you know if PL/SQL Developer v7.15 supports 64 bit clients?

TOAD only works with 32 bits client, so to solve the problem I had to install an 32 bit client.
jjozAuthor Commented:
yes you're right mate !

i Installed 32 bit and it works now.
jjozAuthor Commented:
thanks man for your suggestion.
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