Spanish accented special charactes issue


we have some perl scripts which loads similar data including spanish content from sybase 12.5 environmen into  two oracle 10g database servers say server A, Server B  (both running on unix AIX OS environment)

Server A has locale character set of en_US.UTF-8 which displays loaded spanish content without any issues when pointed by java application.

Server B was not set up for character set of en_US.UTF-8. Which does not display some of the spanish accented characters (which displays as some weird reverse '?' etc) when I point the application to this database server. How can i fix the issues on oracle database server B also so that when I point java application to it, it should display special accented characters fine similar to oracle database server A.

Can we install additional locale on server B like UTF-8?. How can we install additional locale on it

Any links, ideas, resources, sample code highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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kblack05Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can check if it has the specific file sets installed for the UTF-8 locale with

lslpp -l | grep -i locale

The file set in question should be contained in bos.loc.iso on the installer cd's.

To install: smitty -> System Environments -> Manage Language Environment -> Add Additional Language Environments

I believe it is on the 5th CD of 8 on the AIX install. But not certain.
What operating systems are the servers?

Another possibility is to handle it in Oracle:

Oracle supports two methods for Unicode data storage. The first is known as the Unicode Database solution and involves creating a Unicode-based database using UTF-8 as the encoding not only for CHAR and VARCHAR2 character datatypes but also for all SQL names and literals. (CLOB is a special case here, as Oracle Database 10g always uses UTF-16 for CLOBs in a Unicode Database.) In order to implement the Unicode Database solution, configure your database character set as AL32UTF8, the Oracle name for UTF-8.

The alternative Unicode approach is the Unicode Datatype solution, in which UTF-16 data is stored in the NCHAR, NVARCHAR, and NCLOB Unicode datatypes. This is an ideal solution when you want Unicode support at the column level in a non-Unicode database. To implement this solution, set your national character set to AL16UTF16, the Oracle name for UTF-16. In fact, beginning with Oracle9I Database, using AL16UTF16 as the national character set is the default behavior.
gudii9Author Commented:
both are on AIX unix operating system
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On the server that is the problem can you please get the output of

locale -a

and post it back here?
gudii9Author Commented:
it says like


gudii9Author Commented:
thank you very much
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