Ip from one location but gets authenticated from a different location. What could the issue be. How can i solve this issue.


Ip from one location but gets authenticated from a different AD which is in different location. What could the issue be. How can i solve this issue.

Windows 2003 AD

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Mike KlineCommented:
Do you have an active directory site setup for the location which is authenticating to a different domain controller?
You create a site and associate the subnets with that location to the site and have a domain controller in the site.
The clients in that site should authenticate with that DC.
Abhay PujariCommented:
Do you have a GC in your environment? Can you briefly describe your problem?
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
If you have miltiple sites then each site needs to have its own subnet. The subnets need to be defined in AD sites and services and the DC on each site assigned to the site. Once that is done you need to make sure that each DC at each site is also a global catalog and DNS server and that clients on each site point to their local DNS server as the preferred DNS server. Once all that is set up - then clients will automatically authenticate with the DC in their oen site in preference - but will use the other if their own DC is down.
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bsharathAuthor Commented:
Yes i do have a GC
i have 5 locations with 2 Dc's in each location

I have been seeing just few machines of 2 locations showing the wrong Authentication server names.

yes each site has different subnets. and all was working fine before.

Say for example
I have few laptops that move between these 2 locations.
When they are in site A they show B Dc names as authentication
Abhay PujariCommented:
"I have few laptops that move between these 2 locations" --- Means they just change their terminals, right?
Also what is the primary site for these machines?
Mike KlineCommented:
In site A are they getting the IP address for site A or do they still have site B addresses?
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
I would not get too hooked up about "wrong Authentication server names" any server can authenticate a client and the fact that a couple of machines are authenticated against a DC which is not in their site is not the end of the world.

I suspect the problem lies with the fact that these machines keep moving between sites and thatn the site information is being cached, when the machine moves to a different site the old cached site info is being used. Left long enough it will correct itself - presonally I would just learn to live with it - its not important.
Abhay PujariCommented:
Also check DNS suffix changes or not when they authenticate. This could be DNS issue.
bsharathAuthor Commented:
As these move from location to location the Dc's,DNS & DHCP servers  all are different

Is there any way to sort this.

i know this is not any issue that i am facing.

The only reason i want to get the right dc names from the machines is because i am using some scripts to pull this info from machines and this helps me to keep track of my asset where they are when i need to find them.

Which building they might be when i need to trace them...

Is there any way that to get it the right Authentication dc's

Any commands .....
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