All open application freezing, except SQL Analyser

Posted on 2009-05-06
Last Modified: 2013-12-05
I might have 3 apps open at the time.  Lotus Notes, SQL Server Enterprise Manager and SQL Query Analyser.  I am working in SQL Analyser and everything is fine.  I run some queries, maybe 20 rows returned - nothing big.  Then after a period of time, if I try to switch to Lotus or Enterprise Manager - they dont open.  They are highlighted in the task bar, but the window is the Analyser window.  Sometimes "part" of the app I am selecting shows, but it doesnt get focus.  I select SQL Analyser from the task bar and it goes back into Analyser, fully functional and I can run queries etc as normal.  

If I CTRL+ALT+DEL, that freezes as well, I can see what processes are running.

HOWEVER.  If i switch back to SQL Query Analyser and close down the application - everything returns to normal.

Why?  Is this a memory issue?  Should SQL be reinstalled?

These problems just started to occur 3 days after installing Office 2003.
Using Windows 2000 and SQL 2000.  
2GB Ram
Question by:Wedmore
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Expert Comment

ID: 24317222
Ouch.  Definitely seems like a resource issue.  The query analyzer isn't running anything during this time of slowness?  And does it slow down only after you've queried the database?

Author Comment

ID: 24317383
No its not running anything during the freezing.  I would say it only happens AFTER I have been running queries for a period of time, but not always immediatley after.  For example as I write this, I switched to Analyser ran a query pulling 200 rows and I am back again without issue.

Give it 10 mins or so, the bad stuff happens.

Expert Comment

ID: 24338261
There must be a memory leak in one of the programs.  Are they all up to date?  Maybe you can leave Task Manager (Alt+Ctrl+Del) open and leave the computer for a while.  Come back and find out who's hogging the memory.  Find all updates for that program or consider upgrading to the newest edition.

Are you upgraded to SQL 2000 SP4?

Extended Support from Microsoft ends in 2012, so you have some time to investigate SQL 2005 (the next step up).

Author Comment

ID: 24338345
Just checked and I have SP4 installed.  I agree it has to be something going on with Query Analyser.  Is there an event logger I could use in Windows 2000 that I could monitor this?  Yesterday it was occuring after only 2 mins.
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Expert Comment

ID: 24338438
Hopefully this can help explain the process.

Author Comment

ID: 24358711
Oddly enough when I opened Event Viewer the problems subsided for a while.

Anyway, this morning I had Lotus Notes open and MS Paint.  I was editting some large BMP files, copying pasting etc.  Saved the picture, closed MS Paint, opened the folder where the BMP was located and attempted to email the picture as an attachment.  The computer didnt necessarily freeze, but you could believe it was.  It slowed to a crawl.  

So I only had Lotus notes open and a folder on the network, I opened the task manager and it said "Not Responding" beside both the folder and lotus app.  Eventually they would switch to "responding" for a second or so and switch to "not responding".  During this time the CPU was only at 1% and the System Idle process was going crazy.  

Now my instinct suggests this is memory related, as mentioned above.  Is there anyway to prove or diagnose any bad memory issues.

Assisted Solution

Aaog earned 100 total points
ID: 24358880
I think the simplest first step, like quistlogic suggested, is to have the task manager open and check the running processes.  Sounds like you did that already for CPU but take a look at the Memory usage there.  Which process is taking the most?  Also, is it much more than it should be (may be hard to tell at first if you're not sure of the usual amount taken) and is it growing over time (memory leak)?

Especially relevant here is also, is all your RAM or close to all of it being used (which would significan;ty slow things down)?  2GB should be enough but not if there is an unreasonable amount being used due to some leak.  Does the event viewer say anything interesting at about the time it started freezing up?  (Application section or System Section especially).  

Accepted Solution

quistlogic earned 400 total points
ID: 24360842
I've used in the past, can't say I remember how to use it now.

Recently updated for use with Core i7 processors, so I'm sure it'll handle whatever you throw at it.  Including legacy processors. :)

Additionally, I found a thread on here that might help -- A LOT! It seems you can limit the amount of memory used by SQL.

Here is another post with Memory Test responses.

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