DNS Issues with Server 2003 - intermitent

I have 3 domain controllers all do DNS and DHCP for their range. The main DC does not want to resolve names or gives me internment DNS issues.

For example if I reboot the main DC it takes forever to come up first of all and it's a fairly new machine. Second DNS works like a champ for an hour or two then goes to hell. If the DNS record is for a remote location like another office on the WAN, I can no longer ping it by name on my desktop. I have to use the IP. If I flush my DNS and register all is well for a bit again.

Another issue is the DNS seems to work fine after the DC is rebooted for people coming in on our VPN. However after the DC has been up for an hour or two you can no longer resolve things via the name when you VPN in. Restarting the DNS services does no good.

Everything works great once rebooted for a small period of time
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ilantzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
each DC should have their dns settings in tcp/ip pointing to themselves first : , 2nd and above should be other dc's.

check your settings on clients computers and the forwarding settings on each DC as Jar3817 said.

another thing , did you perhaps install SP2 for server 2003 lately on the dc's?
Do you have any external dns server listed on these 3 servers? You should only have the DC's set as dns server on all workstations and servers (including the DCs themselves)
Prez2510Author Commented:
On the NIC for that server?
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Prez2510Author Commented:
They have had SP2 for a long time. Let me try the DNS things it looks like there is an external listed
Check all nics if you have more than 1. If you want to use your ISP or some external server as an upstream nameserver, set it up as a fowarder, don't list it as a resolver for the whole system.
DC's should always always always point to themselves first :) yeah
never point directly to external dns servers , nor in clients either ..

unless of course you're testing or anything ..

good job.
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