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IE memory usage is extremely high

Last Modified: 2012-05-06
I'm seeing issues on some of our terminal servers where any IE usage at all is using on average 175Meg of physical and 175Meg virtual memory.  For example if i set my home page to "Blank" it will consume about 20Meg of physical and only a couple of Meg's of virtual; which is what i would expect to see, but if i browse to google.ca it will jump to the 175Meg physical and 175Meg virtual.  With multiple users on the server opening multiple instances of IE the memory usage for IE can be several Gig's.  The servers are clean from spyware, viruses and other variants so i can't see this being related to an infection.  I have also tried upgrading one of these servers from IE6 to IE7 but the issue did not go away.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  
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Is it only certain sites that cause this?  I regularly check a certain few sites, and one of them kills my RAM if I open too many instances of it (which I frequently do, using the 'open in new tab' option).  10 tabs will often put me up near 180GB, and this seems to make IE freeze sometimes, even though I have plenty of RAM left.  I am IE7.  I assumed it was just client-side processing or something, because my problem site uses much searching and filtering.


The website dosn't seem to matter.  I usually just open google which would have next to nothing loaded on it and the memory total will still be about 350Meg.
Go to Tools...Internet Options...Advanced tab, Browsing
section, uncheck "Enable third-party browser extensions", click Apply, click
Okay, reboot. If that helps we can narrow down our search.

Let us know,
I mean we can narrow down our search if that cuts your memory problem.
You can also try this - even quicker

Start|All Programs|Accessories|System Tools|Internet Explorer w(no add-ons). Check the mem usage on that pid


I tried the uncheck "Enable third-party browser extensions" but it dosn't look like it made any difference.


Something else i just realized is that if i minimize ie the memory usage will drop to 1 or 2Meg.  If i then maximize the window it will increase to 7Meg and browsing brings it up to between 15 and 20Meg.  The virtual memory usage never goes down below the 160 to 175Meg that it initially uses when launching ie.  I have also removed all objects aside from java and shockwave so there is nothing outside of the normal objects in ie.
How do you know that the virtual memory is exclusivly being used by IE?
What is the server OS? Is it 2008 server?
15-20 MB sounds good for physical RAM use to me

Why are users browsing the internet over RDP? Just trying to get a feel for the environment with these questions


Just watching through Task Manager with the VMSize column added to the view.  This is a 2003 server.  The reason the users are browing through RDP is that they are using RDP to log onto a Terminal Server that runs the applications they use.  These applications are not available off of this server.  Parts of the application require internet access to communicate with other vendors to lookup parts, prices, inventory and so on so there are quite a few ie sessions at any given time.
Is it possible that a single IE process is running multiple windows of IE - therefore making your memory use look inflated? When you are testing this are you the only one on the server, or are there peple logged in and using the app you mentioned?
Are you using a hosts file?
Here a shgot in the dark: Disable ie Script debugging - I think it should be by default but don't hurt to check


Testing myself with several other users on the system i see from my own running processes that it is a single instance of ie using this amount of memory.  We don't use a host file and debugging is disabled.  I have a feeling we may be narrowing this issue down to Java as well now as it seems to be the only uniqueness between the working and non working servers for memory usage.  The servers that are working well are using ssv.dll for java but the servers that have the high memory usage are using jp2iexp.dll for java.  I have all version of java uninstalled now on the high memory server except for JRE 1.42 which is required for one of our software components.  I need to reboot to complete the other java uninstalls so i will see if this helps with the issue or not.
This one is on us!
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Interesting, was this the service you pay $250 for and they work on it until they solve the problem?

Just asking because we are considering using it for an IIS problem
I don't suppose you want to share the batch file?
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